The Smartest
Mortgage Broker Platform
Ever Built

We set out to create the ultimate platform for mortgage brokers that would never need to be replaced

At its heart, this platform would have to be incredibly efficient and enable users to be super productive.

It would not be just another lead management or CRM system.
It would be all that and more – it would be a natural extension of you, the user, doubling your capacity to grow your business. It would be able to learn from you and become even more efficient through daily use. It would have to help you supercharge everything you do – from cutting admin time in half, managing leads effectively with follow-up reminders at the right time, to making more time for new business and growing revenue from additional settlements.

We made sure it did all of this and much more, and we named it


We built it to be very fast, intelligent and able to delight your clients

At Effi, we believe that Artificial Intelligence (AI) will be your superpower. Effi uses AI to offer a new sales experience – it drives leads to help you improve conversion rate to settlement and offers data in real-time for brokers to have better, more meaningful engagements with clients and build relationships. Effi delivers a new unrivalled standard in flexibility, customisation, and elegance, that will bring the best out in you (and your business) and achieve a level of client satisfaction that you did not believe possible.

Effi is like having a digital assistant available 24x7 and applies continuous learning to your known behaviour and then applies that to your client interactions.

Effi reimagines everything

We’ve built Effi from the ground up and it has dozens of features that will add real value. These advanced features will boost your efficiency and effectiveness and make you super productive.

To name a few,

  • Effortless document and bank statement collection tool.
  • Automated redaction of Tax File Number from documents.
  • Message read receipts with a time-stamp to know when to follow up.
  • 2-way calendar sync with easy appointment scheduling.
  • Consumer Impersonation tool to help guide your customers through a seamless application process.

Effi powers your world and wows your clients

Effi learns to emulate your tasks so that it can free you up to concentrate on delivering the kind of service that sets you and your brand apart from your competition. It is robust and performs at a level of detail and professionalism that only you will appreciate – because it has learned from the best. YOU.

Effi lets you take your business as far as you want it to go, creating further opportunities to expand your horizons with conveyancing, insurance, even your branded lending products.

Effi doesn’t miss a beat

It has a higher-level client support system than any other system readily available. It delivers amazing follow-up, follow-through, every time.
Clients get the service and response level they want because it enables you to react and deliver to their needs faster and more elegantly than anything else around:

  • Smart AI assistance to manage admin tasks and follow-up
  • Powerful email marketing, social media and lead nurturing automation making it easy to run your marketing
  • Al-Powered SMS Chatbot to help schedule in appointments with your customers

Effi is an extension of your brand

There’s a reason borrowers want to speak to you – they trust your brand. With Effi, every digital interaction and dashboard looks and feels like yours. Effi allows you to create your own branded client portal, which enhances the credibility and value of your service, and helps you build your business brand.

  • Customisable, personalised, intuitive, with seamless digital and social integration - integrated digital and social tools working for you 24/7 driving business and helping build your brand
  • Helps improve client satisfaction and retention through better, more effective systems
  • Access to custom reports and dashboard with your branding
  • Supports cross-sell of relevant services
Importantly to help you build your brand, Effi helps collect client reviews and ratings which support your online visibility and profile.

Effi is built with security in mind

At Effi, we take security and privacy seriously both in our product and our organisation to protect the data that you, our customers, entrust to us. You own your data, and we never use it beyond the service we provide to you.
In addition to Effi’s bank-grade security, we also provide full audit capability to help you meet your compliance obligations. You can generate a real-time audit report for each one of your clients managed through Effi, including a complete history of messages and emails exchanged.

Effi is built for joy

Effi gives you access to a mobile app so you can access information from Android or iPhone anywhere. Never miss an opportunity to do business.

Our mobile app is extremely user friendly and allows you to track deals and respond to customers instantly. You can carry your business with you wherever you go.

Effi helps you grow

Stop spending your precious time and money reviewing landing pages for online marketing campaigns and content.

Effi helps take care of your marketing efforts and to scale your business by giving you the ability to purchase high quality lead appointments with your profile showcased on high traffic websites.

You can be at the front of the queue and leverage the most effective appointment generator working 24/7 – so you’ll never miss an opportunity. Access to qualified appointments through your broker portal comes at a small additional cost.

Effi works for you 24/7

We’ve specifically designed Effi to:

  • Give you insights into referral performance, lender approval times, conversion forecasting and runoff
  • Help you understand your clients better and to support compliance.
  • Give you insights & tools that will enable you to provide the absolute best service to your clients
  • Help you manage team performance

Effi has made scheduling simpler

Our calendar sync feature helps you organise your schedule better by giving your customers and colleagues the visibility they need to book in appointments or meetings.

Set up recurring events and schedule reminders for attendees. Automatically update calendar invites with status changes and get notified when recipients accept, modify, or decline events.

It is 2-way sync so regardless of where the change was made and in what time-zone, the calendar will update in real-time. You are in full control of your own schedule.

Effi is superbly priced from $4 plus GST per day

Effi is available on a monthly subscription basis, starting from $120 plus GST per month.
Effi also gives you the ability to generate commissions from cross-selling - so Effi can potentially pay for itself and increase revenue.